16: Curt Mega Warbler Extravaganza Part 1

May 8, 2017

Hear my reviews of Dear Evan Hansen and Groundhog Day, and then Part 1 of my ginormous interview with Warbler Nick, AKA Curt Mega of Story Matters Podcast. We have a wide ranging conversation about Glee, podcasting, In Transit, meeting celebrities and integrity in art. (Next week we'll talk about more Glee and also Elsie Fest.) Stay tuned after the interview to hear about my Warbler giveaway! (That's the extravaganza part.)

Part 2 of this interview will be released on Monday, May 15th. 


15: Hamiltour

April 24, 2017

Hear all about my week exploring Hamilton sites around New York City with the Kid, including an interview with Tim Dolan, owner of Broadway Up Close Walking tours, and Bryan Barreras, author of Where Was The Room Where It Happened?

Plus, Tim Dolan is giving away two tickets to his Hamiltour! Drawing will be May 5th. 


14: Puffs, or, An Interesting Interview With Matt Cox, playwright

April 10, 2017

First, I review the three plays I've seen in the past two weeks: The Lightning Thief, In Transit, and Bandstand. (Spoiler: I like all of them.) Then, an interview with Matt Cox, writer of Puffs.

We have a giveaway of two tickets to Puffs and a t-shirt. Enter now until April 19th. 


Episode 13: Show-Score: Rotten Tomatoes for Theater

March 27, 2017

I talk to Show-Score founder Tom Melcher about his website, what's hot in New York right now, and what we'd like to see at the next Elsie Fest.

Plus, a preview of my next episode and breaking news from Curt Mega! 


Bonus Episode: Ham 4 Foster Care

March 20, 2017

When Elsie alum Lea Salonga tweeted a charming video featuring Lauren Gau singing her own version of Say No To This, I reached out right away. Listen to Lauren and her sister Kaley Eggers tell me about foster care and why they think Ellen DeGeneres should do a show just for foster moms.

More info on Lauren's blog: http://adventuresoftheordinarylife.blogspot.com or at https://elsiepod.wordpress.com 




Episode 12: Accessibility

March 13, 2017

Hear my reviews of Puffs, Significant Other, and Computer Games. Then I talk to Leah Diaz from TDF about accessibility in the theater. I learned a few things and I hope you do, too! 


Episode 11: Broadway Weekends

February 27, 2017

I talk to Broadway actress Jeanna de Waal about founding Broadway Weekends, a theater camp for adults, which is having its first weekend at the end of March. And, of course, we geek out about growing up as theater nerds.


Episode 10: Data Visualization

February 13, 2017

I talk to Shirley Wu about her data visualization analyzing every single line in Hamilton, and I learn a few things. Shirley tells me how she went to see Hamilton by accident, and what it was like being retweeted by Lin-Manuel Miranda. And I tell her all about Elsie Fest and why she should watch Glee and follow me on Twitter. 


Episode 9: Lalabird

February 4, 2017

My guest is Lauren Elder, a Broadway actress and singer who's just come out with her first album! And she's going to give one away. Also, I talk about my experiences at Broadwaycon. 


Episode 8: Cosplay

February 4, 2017

Get ready for Broadwaycon with my guest Darcy of Viscountess, an experienced cosplayer who will be on the cosplay panel at Broadwaycon!